CX/REFRESH was incubated at DialDesk in late 2015. Over 2 years we institutionalised the processes, people and technology that together build a world class customer experience.

We have held 300+ hours of CX/REFRESH workshops for our customers. We have also undertaken 10+ CX/REFRESH Audits for growing startups looking to raise money, mid-size and large businesses.

These resulted in incredible ideas and solutions that we created together with our customers.

What is a CX/REFRESH Audit?

  • We undertake a deep assessment of how how meaningfully engaged are your customers with:
    • your brand promise
    • your solutions / services
  • We measure highly valuable metrics for your business:
    • customer retention
    • customer loyalty
    • overall customer engagement

How is the CX/REFRESH Audit done?

  • CX/REFRESH trained specialists work with the key stakeholders in the business, important data points and take feedback from actual customers (on phone, on-ground and online)

What advantages does the CX/REFRESH Audit create for your business?

  • If you are a startup raising money, the CX/REFRESH Audit presents a powerful independent audit for your investors
  • If you are a mid-size business, the CX/REFRESH Audit presents deep insights for the key stakeholders to plug-in CX gaps and grow faster
  • If you are a large company, the CX/REFRESH Audit presents deeply meaningful insights straight from the customers. This helps you plan your communication, policies and technology investments

Ask for the CX/REFRESH AUDIT for your company. Click on the “Contact Us” button on the bottom right of the screen.