One of the most profound ways that technology has impacted the humankind is that decision making has become incredibly easier and complex at the same time.

We are flooded with choices of all kinds for absolutely everything that we need to live a better life. At the same time the overload of information makes our decision making more complex.

Businesses that are designing meaningful CX are seeing positive growth in the following ways:

Businesses that are designing more meaningful CX for their customers ultimately are seeing

  1. Higher engagement
  2. Higher retention rates
  3. Increased customer loyalty

So is CX about the customer or the experience?

CX is not an end goal. It is a journey that begins by understanding what is ‘most meaningful’ for the customer? The keyword here is ‘meaningful’. Only when you find what is most meaningful for your customer, do you create a CX solution that makes your customer’s life easier and better.

CX is about neither of the above. CX is about using technology, data and human intervention to make your customer’s life better and easier.

What is the ideal way to begin the journey to design CX that your customers will love?

  1. Involve all CXO’s and customer facing decision makers to discuss the gaps in CX
  2. Analyse these gaps and assess the existing data and insights that exist in the company
  3. Instead of solving everything at once, design a solution that impacts a major part of the CX gap
  4. Take feedback from the customer – see if the customer actually likes the new experience
  5. Institutionalise the new CX process and scale
  6. Involve your marketing team to communicate about it and engage your customers in the new CX


We believe that only those businesses that invest in world class CX today will sustain and thrive in the future. DialDesk has incubated CX/REFRESH for over 2 years. Today we help customers through the journey of assessing the CX Gaps and using technology and processes to build world class CX.

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