Almost everybody reading this post would know Warby Parker. Wikipedia introduces the company as: an American online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses, based in New York City.[1] Warby Parker primarily sells products through their website, but also feature retail locations in the U.S. and Canada.

At DialDesk we keep exploring innovations that we can classify as innovations in CX (customer experience). The prescription check app by Warby Parker is one prime example. Imagine tele-health to a level where a eye doctor could see how you see through your glasses and update your prescription. You get charged if you get an updated prescription.

Why do we feel this is great CX?

A powerful customer experience is what creates fundamental value for the customer that it is intended for. In Warby Parker’s case, with this app, a customer could potentially save time in going to a doctor (unless of-course if its needed). Basis the updated prescription Warby Parker could send new pair of prescription glasses to the customer. 

For the customer hence this creates powerful fundamental value.

What went into creating this fundamental value in CX?

  • Clear vision to create value for the customer
  • Deep understanding of the customer’s pains
  • Technology + Design
  • Genuine intent to build a world class CX


We believe that only those businesses that invest in world class CX today will sustain and thrive in the future. DialDesk has incubated CX/REFRESH for over 2 years. Today we help customers through the journey of assessing the CX Gaps and using technology and processes to build world class CX.

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