On the first day of 2019, it is incredibly important for us to share the greatest shifts in that changed the world of business in many ways. We are a CX design company. We see the world of business with the lens of customer experience simply because, the customer can make or break anything.

Setting context : SnapDeal

SnapDeal shot to fame as one of the fastest growing, powerfully funded e-commerce company in India. They evolved fast. In 2016-2017 though things started falling apart. The business, the regulations, the funding, mass firing, negative PR and almost everything that is enough to shake the morale of absolutely anybody.

SnapDeal scripted the biggest CX-in business turn around in 2018

When most people had written off SnapDeal, when everybody started talking about the other darlings of the E-commerce world, Kunal quietly put the deck of cards together. He went back to the drawing board and SnapDeal has emerged a winner. The traction is increasing, customers are buying more. The business is seeing positive growth.

They focused on CX. Everything else was noise.

The CX/REFRESH team assessed the overall voice on social media and otherwise around SnapDeal. We saw a comeback simply because the customer got what he paid for. More promises were kept. The failure rate was reduced.

Setting context: twitter you did it!

The pundits in Silicon Valley and otherwise globally were quick to remark that twitter possibly is losing its grip. Jack had it going good for a while but the product had lost its relevance.

From Jack’s letters to employees to the sheer focus on product, partnerships with policy makers globally and better advertising value proposition, twitter made a comeback.

After the purge, twitter still has a massive loyal active base

twitter did a great job by purging fake accounts. This is what any responsible social media platform must do. The overall uptake of twitter has only increased since then.

Now of-course there is a long way to go for twitter to still find itself in the hands of the next billion connected users. We are hopeful that their purposeful approach on building meaningful CX will only grow twitter to be more relevant for the world once again.

CX is the future of business success

Sheer focus on CX is critical for business success. In the past 2 years we have undertaken 300+ hours of CX/REFRESH Workshops and 10+ CX/REFRESH Audits. From product to sales and marketing, CX is relevant at every stage of your business growth.

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