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As the internet revolution evolves, Customers can align with brands and products in more ways and places than ever before. As a result, customer expectations are higher than ever. We expect consistent and continuous products and services with instant access to them in multiple ways we can imagine.

 It has been observed consistently that customer experience work in silos and the marketing strategies are often immune to it to the extent that it looks like two shores of a sea. . Branding, or the marketing department, is often focused  about the brand proposition and employing marketing and communication strategies to build consumer expectations of the brand; whereas customer experience is focused on delivering the customer experience, primarily through service.

Marketing cannot work in silos as it represents what the brand or business is all about while the consumer experience is what it delivers. The journey of brand positioning to sales and after sales service would sum up the entire customer experience which cannot be ignored at any cost. Every aspect in this journey would include the minutest details where the customer should be delighted ensuring optimum satisfaction and creating a brand recall value.

The brand marketing strategy has to be firmly in sync with the consumer experience activities. In fact it is and should be the most critical component in brand positioning, selling and penetrating the market in the most sharpest and robust of ways.

The consumer experience department and the marketing department should be reflection of each other. The brand must reflect the consumer experience while being positioned in the market. :

  1. All the feedbacks of the customers to be firmly collated.
  2. A robust analysis of the feedback to be maintained.
  3. C-Sat metrics of the previous products i.e. what do they talk about it?
  4. How do they feel about the brand and the experience that it delivers ?
  5. Is the CX quotient the Same throughout any interaction channel ?
  6. Is the brand essence reflecting with the customer thoughts.

Alignment of brand with consumer experience would broadly involve:

A. customer thoughts:

  1. A thorough understanding of the product/line of business and the impact on the overall customer experience.
  2. What is the emotional connect of customer with these during the entire journey
  3. Collation of all the feedbacks and customer data from all the measurable interaction channels.
  4. The marketing strategy to reflect the consumer experience strategy.
  5. A brilliant research and insight of the target customer base.

B. Delivery

  1. The actual product to be in completely sync with the consumer experience quotient woven around it.
  2. Consistency in delivering the product promise through any and all customer interaction channels.
  3. A brilliant after sales follow up to check the satisfaction level.
  4. Ay damage control exercise to be immediately anticipated and activated to avoid any escalations.
  5. All the employees in line with the brand delivery promises.

“A marketing strategy that stands to give more value to the customers end up gaining more from the customers” . this is a thought that drives Deepak Kashyap, Co-founder Dialdesk, author and a leading CX expert.

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