We all love the Starbucks coffee. But what pulls us to Starbucks is the extremely personal experience by the Baristas. 

After several years of passion driven growth, Starbucks faced a lean period. When Howard Schultz announced his exit from an active role, Starbucks hired senior management that focused on just one thing : the finance. Their growth strategy was open more Starbucks across more cities around the world.

They lost. The market share dipped. The stock price tumbled.

Howard Schultz had to finally step in. He remarked as in this video:

“How do you get this big and stay small? And the way we do it is 1 customer, 1 partner, 1 cup of coffee at a time, reducing it to the lowest common denominator. Focusing maniacally on the customer experience”

While you must watch this entire video. To save your time, we have set it at the very second where Howard speaks about how they re-focused and re-engineered Starbucks to deliver the passion for coffee to the customers.


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