How Tesla innovated their CX from half hour of paperwork to one click lease?

This post is inspired by the Innovation Leader Impact Conference 2018. At DialDesk we follow incredible thinkers and leaders globally to build world class CX solutions for our customers.

One of the key speakers at the conference was Jon McNeill, the current COO at Lyft. Jon has been a successful entrepreneur, innovator and has worked with Elon Musk at Tesla.

In an interview given to the Forbes magazine, Jon made a remark that caught our attention.

He shared two remarkable examples. We shared them at the last few CX/REFRESH Workshops that we have done for our customers. These are such powerful examples that we are compelled to write about them here.

#1: Elon Musk and Jon watched people take delivery of their Tesla cars and they saw that the first 20 minutes of the delivery was pure joy and the next half an hour was paperwork. They asked how can we eliminate the tedious paperwork? Could they introduce a one click lease.

They had to of-course face several tough challenges of regulations and the usual stiffness of how things have been since ages in the auto industry. But finally they went ahead and made change happen.

Their grit, love for the customer, use of technology and deep understanding of processes made change possible.

#2: They wanted people to sign up for test drives online. The challenge they faced was to assess where Tesla cars were and what were they being used for at any given moment?

The Digital head at Tesla wrote an API that interacted with their scheduling software and the asset management system to identify where all the cars were. During a select roll-out of the service, they received 400 test-drives booked.

CX is about the love for the customer, technology and processes

The above 3 pillars are what we use to build powerful and innovative CX solutions for our customers. 


We believe that only those businesses that invest in world class CX today will sustain and thrive in the future. DialDesk has incubated CX/REFRESH for over 2 years. Today we help customers through the journey of assessing the CX Gaps and using technology and processes to build world class CX.

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