The CX trend that successful businesses are adopting to win?

The DialDesk research is responsible to keep looking out for trends that successful businesses are adopting globally to stay relevant, competitive and win customer love and loyalty.

The trend that we see staying relevant till at least 2020 is : meaningfulness and empathy

The important fundamental that led us to meaningfulness and empathy is the growing inclusion of social media in our lives. Also we studied how it impacts the social fabric of the society and the human nature. Humans are proven to have the shortest attention span. This is not going to change unless a fundamental shift appears in the way humans engage with technology.

We see a shift happening already

A conversation that is picking up steam around the world is how social media fails to emulate the social fabric of humanity. We see successful businesses already communicating empathy and meaningfulness to their customers and the world around at large.

Example in case : Microsoft

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s videos with the employees showcasing various innovations is an incredible example.

How are you getting your business ready to deliver world class CX for your customers?