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The era that we live in where the customer is king, You might note that all the strategies are being built around to adopt a world class customer experience approach. But the most interesting thing is that the marketers really fail to listen and understand their customers under the influence of acquisition targets. This is a humongous considering the fact that any business would only thrive around the experience one is offering to their customers who call the shots.

Please understand that the influence on customers is not restricted to the brand image which is being projected but by the appropriate and just customer experience they get from these brands.
Let’s understand one thing very clearly that Businesses that  intend to stay and strive to be in the next level of growth orbit would have to offer the best of the customer experiences.

Businesses place more value on measuring ROI and being customer-centric rather than funky marketing campaigns. And as marketing evolves across the digital landscape, the Customer Experience, or CX, is the differentiator.
 Not only will it keep customers choosing your brand again and again, it can drive customers to switch to you from the competition if they know the experience will be better. The majority of consumers will put their money where their mouth is and pay premium rates for better experience.

Inculcating Future ready and Intelligent Customer Experiences To Surge ahead And Stay Ahead:

Silos will always exist in the corporate world — that doesn’t necessarily need to be solved. But if you want to create a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage for your company, you must prioritize using data to guide decisions across the company and throughout your customer journey.
To stay ahead in a sea of competitors, you have to do more than implement incremental improvements. You need to find the areas where you can provide unique value, create barriers to entry and generate stickiness with your audience. You need to embrace intelligent customer experiences.

In a realtime world or the BAU mode: most of the businesses compete by making small product improvements and offering lower prices. Product improvements are great, but if they’re offered in the same space as your competitors, it’s just a matter of time before they make those improvements, too — and then you have to lower your prices to compete. It becomes a constant game of lowering prices, making incremental improvements, lowering prices again, and so on. It’s how you create low-margin businesses.

Businesses that want to thrive: A typical business which has everything mentioned above but focused on creating and executing an intelligent CX will allow businesses to thrive and flourish. They would always stand out in the competition and need not worry to acquire new customers as they would have a magnetic brand.

Creating and implementing intelligent and phenomenal customer experiences is an approach that links systems, data and teams to create a seamless and personalized customer experience from one brand touch point to the next. The processes exponentially multiply intelligence gained from each customer interaction by using it to optimize future interactions. The result is a more connected and cohesive experience, which, in turn, increases customer satisfaction, improves profitability and strengthens brand loyalty.

The  competitive spaces continually put customers through broken, fragmented processes. Businesses must consider the entire customer journey to get to a point of zero competition. Intelligent CX is a three-step cycle.

First, find touch points where customers interact with your brand. This can be a search engine result, an e-commerce website, a retail store or even a phone call to a customer service agent. Each of these touch points provides feedback you can use to improve the next.
Second, use data to connect these touch points and see how they interact.  This is where the omni-channel integrated customer interaction gateways come into the play.  For example, see how your ad performance leads to conversion on the website or look at what online touch points are creating confusion and driving unnecessary support calls.

Third, use these data to analyse, remove any discrepancy and create a superb bridge remove silos. This can mean intelligently connecting online-to-offline experiences by routing calls to subject matter experts of that stream. Or the use of AI-driven solutions that steer the customer down the path you know will most effectively solve their problem. Walking through these three steps makes the customer experience smarter and more efficient.

If you want your customers to keep paying for your product or service as their needs and tastes evolve, you need to actively consider the steps outlined above. Intelligent CX strategies would allow Businesses to connect the customer experience in ways it has never been connected before. By focusing on these new avenues — connected offline and online behaviors will definitely help businesses to carve out new market places.

This is what is known as a phenomenal CX. It’s about building meaningful relationships with customers, fostering goodwill toward your brand, increasing customer lifecycle and reducing internal friction in the form of silos. Who wouldn’t want those as business goals?
Remember – Customer would always be the king and an appropriate CX design would ensure that the king remains with you.

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