Customer experience – Basics missed by CS leaders

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Customer expectations are “changing”. Customers expect the same customer experience “quality” levels  as they “get” them from the best-in-class, regardless of industry. Higher customer expectations means upping the ante to meet them. That’s what everyone tells you – and it’s true.

Nevertheless, it’s key to not lose ourselves in providing “wow” customer experiences. The end-to-end customer experience requires more than that. Furthermore, customers don’t (always) want that “exceptional” experience or service.

The top five “traits” of the ideal customer experience:

  • Fast response to enquiries or complaints (essentially, the stuff people want to be answered most): 47%.
  • A simple purchasing process (note that the research was sponsored and has a focus that is somewhat consumer-oriented and shopping-oriented): 47%.
  • The ability to track orders in real time (in other industries and situations we see the same – insurance customers, for instance, want to be able to track claims process progress online): 34%.
  • Clarity and simplicity of product information across channels (clarity and simplicity always matters in a customer context and a mindset of ubiquitous optimization): 25%.
  • The ability to interact with the company over multiple channels (you knew that and of course it’s not just online): 22%.

Lessons for digital customer experience optimization

Consistent customer experiences, fast response times, accuracy of information, choice and, last but not least, simplicity. That’s what matters and, again, it isn’t new at all. In fact, the findings in this research completely correspond with our growing attention to provide frictionless experiences and remove hurdles, one of the topics that rule the debates in, among others, optimization, customer experience and contact centers.